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Our honey is sourced from Big Island beekeepers who take pride in caring for their bees.

The rich tropical flavors of the honey evolve with the seasons, bringing striking nuances to our meads.

The meads may display varying colors and flavors from batch to batch due to the diverse floral sources used. This individuality makes every batch of mead truly special.

Handcrafted with care and respect for the ancient art of mead making, each batch features a distinct flavor profile, contributing to the unique taste of our meads.


Our ingredients are sourced from local farms on the Big Island of Hawai'i, including Kvasir's Mead premises. Kvasir's Mead farm uses organic and natural methods to grow fruit and herbs for our meads.

The farmers we source from are equally dedicated to using natural methods in growing their products.

We pride ourselves in using only the finest ingredients grown with care and love.

Kvasir's Blood | Hibiscus Mead | 18% ABV | Dry

Infused with Hibiscus Roselle Flowers grown by Kaiwiki Food Forest. Thank you guys for your dedication and hard work, producing food and beautiful produce for our island. You rock our socks off! This is our dryest mead and has an absolute beautiful hibiscus flavor. Just watch out, the 18% ABV sort of sneaks up on you. The Story Kvasir’s blood, well this story is quite a thick one and in no way could fit on the label of a bottle. I would go as far as to say that you could base an entire meadery concept on the story of his death (wink wink). I will say that it is a cautionary tale about the fragility of wisdom in the face of treachery. I can say that poetry and metaphor are the language of the divine, describing the inconceivable and the unknowable onto the ears of the heart. I have also been known to say that artistic inspiration, a berserker frenzy, and the heat of passion all have a similar birthplace. I will encourage you to find Kvasir’s story and maybe find a little of your own story as well. Share these stories with someone, along with this bottle of mead that has been made from locally sourced roselle hibiscus, from the Big Island of Hawaiʻi, which gives it the crimson hue and tart profile.

your momma made ME cake | Longan Mead | 14% ABV | Semi-Sweet

Infused with locally grown longan, this mead is full of sweet, delicious longan flavor. Longans are allusive and it is difficult to capture this delicate flavor. The forest fairies definitley assisted with this one to help showcase the flavor of longans. Big shout out and Thank You! to Daniel Allen of Big Island Allen Brother's Farm in Hawaiian Acres, just a few miles from Kvasir's Meadery. The Story Now I know we have had some rough patches but I have never been a fake. As you are walking out that door just remember your Momma made ME cake. It’s not always about the friends I keep sometimes it’s about the ones I made sometimes it’s about the ones I lost while their mommas made ME cake And Arthur reached out to take Excalibur from The Lady of the Lake But before she let go she pulled him close and whispered: Don’t forget, Your momma made ME cake.

The Yeastie Boys | Banana Longan Mead | 17% ABV | Semi-Sweet Mead

Banans from Kvasir's Mead Property and Longans from Daniel Allen, Allen Brother Farm in Hawaiian Acres. This combo doesn't get any better! With a stout 17% ABV, this Mead is not for the faint of heart. The Story Ok, you gotta rap this one: Here’s a little story I’ve got to tell about three buzzed brothers you don’t know so well. It started way back in Hawaiʻi with Tomek Calif and our friend Torrey. Our production wizard left us all alone. She had some business to do on the telephone. So we took some bananas and some longon fruit. Mixed it with some honey because that’s the root. Added in the water and stirred it up. Took a quick break to fill up our cups. Had two or three cups a piece, then checked the gravity and pitched the yeast. Alex came back and she got mad and said ‘What did you put in and how much did you add?’ We all started talking at the same time and Alex was close to losing her mind. Torrey and I were looking for the door. But Tomek thought fast and began to pour. Got her up to speed, and that was the patch. Let me tell you that’s the tale of this batch.​

Strong Dick | Banana Mead | 16% AVB | Sweet Mead

Our Strong Dick Mead is infused with a variety of local bananas, most of which are grown on our own farm. Banana varieties include Cuban Red, Lady Fingers, Apple Bananas, Praying Hands, Blue Java, Pisang Raja Bananas and Berry Bananas. The Story Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hurry, hurry, step right in and gaze at the eighth wonder of the world. The amazing mighty and powerful Richard Banana AKA Strong Dick. He is sweet like honey and smooth like banana cream pie. His feats of strength will astound and boggle your mind. Watch him bend horseshoes straight and use them as toothpicks. Be awestruck as he lifts innumerable weights above his head without breaking a sweat. Hey fellas, show your lady Strong Dick and buy her a ticket right now. Hey ladies come on in and be stunned by the magnificent Strong Dick. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is enough Strong Dick for everyone. You won’t be able to wait to tell all your friends how much you love Strong Dick. The bananas are grown and cared for by us and forest fairies on the property of Kvasir’s Meadery.

Dark Horse | Bochet Mead | 12% ABV | Sweet Mead

Our bochet mead is the 'port' of meads. Bochet Meads are big and bold and demand attention! Our Bochet Mead can be paired well with salty snacks, sauerkraut, traditional or plant based cheese and whatever your muse may inspire you to. The Story Legend had it that the Dark Horse Mead was crafted by a mysterious figure known only as the Dark Horse. No one knew who he was or where he came from, but his mead was sought after by kings and commoners alike. The Dark Horse himself was a shadowy figure, always seen cloaked in darkness and surrounded by a cloud of mystery. He moved through the world like a ghost, on a skeleton horse, appearing at the most unexpected moments and vanishing just as quickly. But despite his enigmatic nature, the Dark Horse was known for his generosity. He would often appear at feasts and celebrations, offering his mead to all who wished to partake. The Dark Horse continues on his journey, a solitary figure moving through the world like a phantom. Always searching, always seeking wisdom and always speaking the truth. The Dark Horse is a reminder that there could be no light without darkness. The Dark Horse is forever the keeper of this truth.

The White Rabbit | Banana Vanilla Mead | 12% ABV | Sweet Dessert Mead
TheWhiteRabbit-COLA copy.jpg

Vanilla Beans grown by John Sharkey, Hilo. Thank you Sharkey! The beans are just fantastic, packing an absolutely amazing and unforgettable flavor. The beans are grown on Sharky's property just north of Hilo. The vanilla orchids hang out with his cacao trees and are loving their lives and are now helping the forest fairies to make this amazing, magical mead! The Story Once upon a time, there was a magical bottle that contained the most exquisite banana mead with vanilla. The label was adorned with delicate white vanilla flowers and a white rabbit, offering a glimpse into the enchanted world within. As soon as the first sip touched their lips, the drinker was transported to a whimsical realm where time seemed to stand still. The aroma of vanilla filled the air, and they found themselves following a White Rabbit down a mysterious rabbit hole. The rabbit led them through a fantastical world filled with talking flowers, mischievous forest fairies, and curious muses. Each sip of the special libation seemed to unlock a new verse of poetry, guiding them deeper into the enchanting depths of wonderland. As they journeyed through this magical land, the drinker felt a sense of wonder and delight unlike anything they had ever experienced before. And when they finally emerged from the rabbit hole, they knew they had been touched by a bit of magic.

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