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Our Meads are fermenting now and our boys (yeasts) are hard at work to make tasty Meads for you! Stay tuned for availability. Anticipated availability is April/May 2024. We don't rush our Meads. Our traditionally crafted Meads require time and patience. Out Philosophy is simple: pay respect to tradition and don't add any BS.




The ingredients for our Meads are sources throughout the season from various locations on the Big Island of Hawai'i including our own farm. The floral sources throughout the season differ and so does the honey and therefore the flavor of each handcrafted Mead. Color variations are common, and no batch will be exactly the same as the previous batch. All honey is sources from the island from trusted sources who treat bees with the love and respect they deserve.


Mead (Polish: miód pitny [mʲut ˈpʲitnɨ] “drinkable honey”) Polish meads are traditionally and legally classified into four grades: Czwórniak [ˈtʂfurɲak], Trójniak [ˈtrujɲak], Dwójniak [ˈdvujɲak], ͡ and Półtorak [puwˈtɔrak]. Each grade has its unique flavor profile, and the sweetness level can be adjusted by adding more or less honey during the fermentation process.

There are many varieties of mead which have their own special name. The list below includes varieties crafted by Kvasirʻs Mead.



Mead is widely thought to be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, with evidence for the consumption of a fermented beverage made of honey, rice, and fruit dating to the 7th millennium BCE in China. Alcoholic drinks made from honey were common among the ancients of Scandinavia, Gaul, Teutonic Europe, and Greece and in the Middle Ages, particularly in northern countries where grapevines do not grow well. Kvasirʻs Mead Originals are meads made with the finest Big Island honeys, infused with nothing but rain forest magic.



Bochet mead is mead made with heated honey. We call it the ʻportʻ of meads. It is rich and deep in flavor and, according to one of our friends who knows his crack seed, reminds of prune mui. Full bodied. Well paired with salty food, crackers, nuts and sauerkraut.



“With fruit”. A mead made with fruit is considered a melomel. The fruit can be fermented or added in after fermentation is complete.



Meads brewed with spices, herbs or flowers. It’s thought that the word “medicine” came from metheglin, from the Welsh meddyglyn, “physician,” for the drink’s reputed medicinal power. Metheglin often features simple spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla beans. Our Botanical series is also grouped here including mint, rosemary and parsley. We also craft a limited edition mead fermented with Olena (Turmeric), Ginger and Māmaki, an the endemic herb Māmaki, highly valued for itʻs medicinal properties


Dark Horse | Bochet Mead (caramalized honey mead) | Trójniak

Our bochet mead is the 'port' of meads. Bochet Meads are known for having a rich, deep flavor with caramel and toffee notes, along with a slight smokiness. Bochet Meads can be enjoyed as a dessert wine, paired with cheese or chocolate, or with sauerkraut or salty snacks.


Strong Dick | Banana Mead | Trójniak

Our Strong Dick Mead is infused with a variety of local bananas, most of which are grown on our own farm. Banana varieties include Cuban Red, Lady Fingers, Apple Bananas, Praying Hands, Blue Java, Pisang Raja Bananas and Berry Bananas.


your momma made ME cake | Longan Mead | Trójniak

Infused with locally grown longan, this mead is full of sweet, delicious longan flavor. The longans are sourced from farms across the big island. We source several varieties throughout the season. Each variety has it's own, individual flavor profile, which are presented in each handcrafted mead batch.

Share it with your friends and your momma made ME cake will be long-gone!


The Seeker | Original |  Trójniak

This is Kvasir's Meads original Mead. This mead is rated two out of three levels of sweetness. If you are seeking to enter another realm, ponder answers and connect with your muse, this is the mead for you.


The seeker is based on the concept of evaluating a situation or challenge from eight sides before making a major decision.


catch me if you can | Original |  Czwórniak

This is Kvasir's Meads original Mead. This mead is rated one out of three levels of sweetness. If you are enjoying beverages on the dryer side, this is the mead for you. Packing seasonal floral flavors, this mead is one you don't want to miss out on.

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